Open Buffalo training-Creating safe space in Western NY!

Spending time with incredible groups of individuals from all walks of life always humbles me. Creating safe space and doing it with complete strangers has a magical affect that brings unity and community building to a whole new level. As a trainer, it often reminds me that we are so much alike on this journey as human beings. This journey often takes one through the peaks and valleys of life. What is unique about this journey is that there is a practice that human beings can take this journey together to create safe space. Peace Circles and its variety of uses can do just that in the midst of a chaotic world. Participants are asked to build relationship through a process that is not rushed and builds upon itself with the focus on shared storytelling and community building. This process is not easy and it has not been easy at times to get consensus on difficult issues. In my many years of keeping Circles in a variety of situations, and with people from all walks of life, what has been crucial to the success of these Circles have been the skill of the Keepers and willingness of the participants to "lean into the sharp points". These new Circle Keeper in Buffalo, NY will have coaching and technical support provided by Restorative Strategies, LLC to build upon the skills they attain in our time together. Thanks to Open Buffalo who was the host organization and Pastor J. Giles for connecting both of us!  For more information on Open Bufffalo and the work they are doing to make Buffalo a more restorative city visit their website at 


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