Restorative Justice and Youth violence-A path way toward Peace and reconciliation

This is my first blog from my new website and I am looking forward to sharing with you my thought on Restorative Justice and Youth violence. In the City of Chicago, our youth are given pathways to deal with conflict that are unhealthy and just plain wrong. Through media, movies and the internet, our youth have been guided to deal with disgreements harshly and with no compassion or empathy. A look, a glare, a "mean mug has the potential of igniting a flurry of violence with no clear peaceful end in site. As a parent, I am concerned about and want to do something about this. In the next coming year, I hope that through my blogs we can find a restorative solution to the violence in our city. This is our moment to begin the dialogue that move us all to a peace resolution to the violence in our city, our nation and our world. Shalom.


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