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Restorative Strategies' vision is to build capacity in our nation around the philosophy of restorative justice and its practices. The mission is to expose schools, community-based organizations, corporate/NGO entities, and faith communities to the practical uses and application of these practices in all sectors of our community.  Restorative Strategies supports the building of 'Ecosystems of Care' and the dismantling of the School to Prison Pipeline in schools and their surrounding communities. Restorative Strategies works with national, state, and local agencies to see this vision become a reality through training, technical support, and training trainers.   Restorative Strategies is a force for change in our nation!  Leading this effort is Dr. Robert A. Spicer Sr. who is the CEO and lead trainer for Restorative Strategies, LLC.



3:1 Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate 3 times greater than white students


Students with disabilities are more than twice as likely to recieve a suspension than studemnts without disabilities.

Black Students represent 16% of student enrollement, but they make up 31% of students subjected to a school-related arrest.

Orange and Black Hillview Mountain Club

What is Aspirational Justice?

     Aspirational Justice is a new restorative and reparative construct based in the best of Restorative Justice practices and its areas of focus.  Aspirational justice is a truth and healing construct that seeks to engage historically disenfranchised groups such as African Americans. It re-envisions and constructs a process which re-imagines a new racial and reparative relationship between all groups who have been historically harmed by slavery and its legacy.

The areas of focus in the Aspirational Justice constructs are:


1. The Symbolic

2. The Institutional

3. The Tangible


Each of these areas of focus will in explained in depth in the forth coming book written by Dr. Robert A. Spicer, Sr. entitled Aspirational Justice--A Pathway toward Healing and Reconciliation

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