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The Gift

There are a lot of reasons to complain during these days out of work, navigating the pandemic and running our households. But during this time of quarantine, there have been some "gifts" that have been made clear to me. In this blog, I share these gifts while my family and I have been made to stay at home and ways that these "gifts" can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of this pandemic.

  1. The gift of The New Normal

During the pandemic, we have been made to social distance. Zoom, Google Hangout and other platforms have become a valuable tool to get the message out about the power of Restorative Practices and other information about our business. As a Social Entrepreneur, we are seeking ways to change my world to be equitable, loving and encouraging for our children as a part of the new creative approaches to getting our message to the masses. This means that I have had to learn new skills, buy equipment and begin to broadcast the mission and vision of Restorative Strategies. My guidance to you is be open to the new skills available to you during these uncertain times. Do not be afraid to try something new and to be flexible.

2. The Gift of Giving

I was told that giving is your way to wealth but let me explain. The gift of giving keeps giving. Giving your time and talent during these uncertain times is still the pathway to living a meaningful life. The gift that we receive every morning is another opportunity to give to others. Sometimes you even have to go out of your way to give the gift of giving but I would recommend you do it. Giving gives you purpose. It grounds you in what makes us all great and that is the ability to serve. As the great boxer Muhammad Ali stated, "Service is the rent we pay to be on this earth".

3. The gift of Family of the two legged and four legged type

I am married for 10 beautiful years to Chandra and we are raising my twin daughters Brea and Bethaney at our home in Chicago. My oldest BreAnna lives in Indiana and is an aspiring Lawyer. My s

on Robert Spicer, Jr.

is a rising junior in Tennessee State University. I also have 3 dogs-- Barkey (the Senior Alpha), Blu (The black Lab) and Blossom (The prissy Pomeranian).

All of my children and dogs have had to adjust to this new normal. But this has been a cherished gift during these uncertain times.

Blu and Barkey have introduced me to the joy of walking (and their health benefits). And I also discovered that my neighborhood is full of dog lovers and I get to interact with them most mornings on our walks.

My twins have introduced me to the world of K-Pop and they are so enamored by these young boys who dance and sing in coordinated, eye popping moves. I have to say I am impressed by them and I am learning a lot about the Korean culture through my daughter's beautiful brown eyes. These gifts of family time are priceless and I am grateful.

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