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"Living your Abundant Life"! "Living your Dreams"!

I was out walking my two dogs the other day in my quiet Chicago neighborhood when something caught my eye. It was words written on one of the light polls I often walked by. Plastered on those structures are usually missing pet announcements or the occasional local rap artist promoting their new mix tape. However on this poll was written these words-Dream Big! As my dogs were doing their business, I pondered these words. All of us have dreams, but do we dream big!! Do we have dreams that are prophetic or seem unreachable at the moment? Do your dreams seem so large that they scare you? I want to challenge you today to dream big daily! Think of six impossible things to ponder and attempt to do just one of them. I do not know what it is for you, but I know some things I want to attain that seem impossible.

Dreaming Big will require a level of risk taking in your thoughts. It is seeing that thing in your mind and instead of aborting your dream, you nurture it. You place your dream in a space where it can grow! The worst thing you can do is give your dream to the wrong persons before its time. Protect it. Nurture it and watch it grow and take shape in your life.

So I hope today you dream! You write them down. You even put a date beside those dreams. And now your dreams become goals. Those goals now become actionable steps. Those become daily task. And those daily tasks become what you want to attain in your life. Happy Dreaming and hope to see you on the other side of those big dreams!!

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